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Coerco Diesel Tanks,
Prepare You for the Unexpected

Manufactured & designed by Rural Aussies for Rural Aussies, our poly storage tanks are made to help you navigate the volatile world of diesel. Prepare and experience the best outcomes with Coerco fuel tanks!

Coerco — Reliability in an unpredictable world

Some diesel storage tanks for sale are sturdy but prone to rust. Some have huge capacity but limit you with weight.

Our goal: to help you prepare and respond quickly to favorable market conditions with storage solutions that won’t put limitations on you.

Diesel Tank Product Overview:

  • We offer diesel tanks with dispensing stations, hoses, diesel tank pumps, and other accessories.
  • Resilient against harsh weather using lightweight, UV stabilised Alkatuff polyethylene.
  • Lighter than steel so transport and installation are fast and easy.
  • Seamless, one-piece construction maintains diesel integrity and protects from leaks.
  • Rust-resistant, for protection against rust contamination.
  • More structurally stable than above-ground diesel fuel storage tanks.
  • Made thicker to last longer.
  • We have a wide selection of diesel fuel tanks for sale as standard and also offer bespoke service to suit your specific requirements.


Never run out of diesel when you need it!

Whether you want to respond fast to cheap fuel prices or avoid the cost of high maintenance, you can’t go wrong with diesel tanks that are backed by 27 years of manufacturing experience.


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